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“I just used your music for the first time (Rollercoaster) at the Wilmslow half marathon - it was brill and I did a Personal Best. "
Fiona Mcauley
About AudioFuel
Here are the key facts about AudioFuel and why it works.
AudioFuel increases performance
Research carried out by Professor Andy Lane in 2009, as part of a government funded project called EROS, has confirmed that AudioFuel effectively increases motivation and performance. Watch this 2 minute video to hear Andy describe the objectives, research methodology, and findings.

AudioFuel music is composed for running
The music has a beat to match and drive your stride when you run. Most mainstream music has a beat that is too slow to run to the beat. The vibe and lyrics of every track are designed to increase your performance and make your running easier. And the music sounds good - we only work with highly skilled musicians.

Composed with one objective in mind: great running
AudioFuel's sound is directed by top music producer, Howie Saunders. He says:

"Be it smooth electronica, infectious funk, heavy riffs or slamming techno house, we know it's crucial you've got the right tunes on your Pod when you run. Here is your all original, totally unique, custom-built sonic solution to supercharge your run right up to the finish line."

AudioFuel's original compositions are all created on the basis of the five key attributes known to increase motivation and performance :

- A relentless rhythm
- Powerful themes
- A trancelike quality
- An aggressive pace
- Uplifting arrangements
We use the music to create training programmes
We compile individual tracks, at different beats per minute, to create ready made running programmes.

There are three types of programme: Timed Sessions which range from a 20 minute run right up to an hour of running, or you can buy our 2 hour Long Run Programmes designed to help you train for marathons and half marathons. We make epic Interval Training sessions.

You can make your own coach free playlists with our individual

AudioFuel comes with or without coaching
The coaching counts you onto the beat, tells you the pace and length of the track and gives you the odd tip.

AudioFuel comes in three intensities
If a combination of walking and jogging is the right pace for you, choose low intensity AudioFuel (blue). If you run at an average pace, use mid intensity AudioFuel (green). For a faster running pace, choose red intensity AudioFuel.

AudioFuel comes as ready made playlists or individual tracks
We save your time by creating playlists to match your running sessions and goals.

If you prefer to make your own playlists, there’s a
track section in the store where you can buy them individually.
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