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“We felt that our runners would be particularly interested to know what the world class athletes use when they train."
David Bedford
Virgin London Marathon
Race Director
AudioFuel and the Virgin London Marathon
The Virgin London Marathon organisers have collaborated with AudioFuel to create a new website, designed to provide a constantly refreshed selection of running music and motivation tips, including the new Long Run Programme from AudioFuel.
Music and Motivation Website
What does the Music and Motivation site have on it?
Celebrity Playlists
Athlete and Celebrity Playlists
In this section of the Music and Motivation website, there are playlists of music used by previous UK London Marathon winners, such as Liz McColgan, and Charlie Spedding, as well as playlists by Olympic athletes like Liz Yelling and Leon Taylor. Celebrity running playlists too.
Monthly Top Ten Tracks
Monthly Top Ten Tracks
Each month the Music and Motivation site will invite runners to submit their favourite running track. The ten most popular tracks will be made available each month as an iMix from the iTunes store.
AudioFuel Long Runs
The AudioFuel Long Run Programme
The site provides details of our ten week Long Run Programme which offers over 2 hours of music to help runners extend their running time each week.
Mental Fitness
Mental Fitness
Andy Lane, Professor of Sports and Exercise Psychology, has written a Rough Guide to Running Psychology that can be downloaded from the site. And you can sign up to receive his top ten motivational tips by email each month or download them from the site as they’re published.