Music composed to make you move. With coaching to push you on.

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Why use AudioFuel?
AudioFuel makes running feel easier, enabling beginners to do more and fit people run faster .

By the time you finish an AudioFuel run you will have:

- found the session easier than expected

- been encouraged to push harder

- invited to slow down and take a walk

- discovered the power of running to the beat

The same effect happens with walking, jogging, swimming and indoor bike training.
Is there any proof that AudioFuel make exercise feel easier?
Yes, there has been much research on the effect of syncronus music and sport. A leading academic in this area is Professor Andy Lane, hear what he has to say about the effect synchronising the beat of the music to sport in this short video.
Why not just run with the music on my MP3 player?
You can.

According to Professor Andy Lane, here are five conditions in a great running playlist:

- A fast tempo - somewhere between 155 BPM (beats per minute) and 180 BPM
- A motivating genre or vibe and uplifting arrangements
- Lyrics that inspire or move
- A structure or compilation of tracks for the kind of workout you want
- Memory triggers music can make

To get the AudioFuel effect with your own music you can
follow these guidelines over at the Virgin London Marathon Music and Motivation website.

We use the first four of those conditions to make specific workouts.
Interval sessions with fast short sprints and recoveries, or longer steady tempo sessions to help with half and full marathon training.

The coaching we add to the music also helps you exercise with good form, and will help keep you going when it feels hard.
Where can I buy AudioFuel?
We sell AudioFuel on iTunes.

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Does iTunes let me shop $ or my local currency?
Yes. AudioFuel is available at iTunes and you can shop there in your local currency.

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What are your terms and conditions?
Read our terms of use here.