Train with a world champion

Tri Harder with Chrissie Wellington

World Champion triathlete Chrissie Wellington designed the Tri Harder products and bought her unique and infectious enthusiasm to you motivate you to train hard.
The full range includes eight sessions and is available in the Podium bundle. Let four time World Champion and current Ironman world record holder Chrissie Wellington push you to discover new limits.


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Run Faster 1

This 25 minute workout is the shortest (and easiest!) of her three Run Faster sessions.

Run Faster 2
Run Faster 2

This 40 minute workout is second step up the ladder of Chrissies three Run Faster sessions.

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Run Faster 3

This 52 minute workout is the longest and hardest of Chrissies three Run Faster sessions.

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Run Faster Bundle

Get all three Run Faster sessions for less, progress through the series to run faster.

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Ride Harder 1

A 40 minute indoor bike training session for use with a spin bike or turbo trainer, coached by four time world champion triathlete Chrissie Wellington.

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Ride Harder 2

A 60 minute indoor bike training session for use with a spin bike or turbo trainer.

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Ride Harder 3

A 97 minute indoor bike training session. This is a fantastic and challenging workout.

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Ride Harder Bundle

Get all three of Chrissie Wellingtons Ride Harder Sessions for less.

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Podium Bundle

By world champion triathlete Chrissie Wellington, this bundle contains Ride Harder 1,2 & 3, Run Faster 1, 2 & 3 plus Lace up and Relax.

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Other Run Sessions
Run Faster 1
3 Step Intervals

Coached by Marathon Talk's Martin Yelling.

Run Cruize Intervals

Designed by coach Joe Friel.

Other Ride Sessions

A 60 minute turbo session.

Ride Harder 3
Bike Cruize Intervals

Designed by coach Joe Friel.

Buy a bundle - save
Joe Friel bundle
Joe Friel Bundle

"My AudioFuel brings to life some of the ideas I’ve written about, and allow me to coach people as they train” says Joe.

“These sessions are intended to use in the later stages of the base training phase and help build condition during the build and peak phases of the training year"

2 sessions
2 hours of content
39 tracks with coaching
Plus two non stop DJ mixes
£3 less in bundle

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What is AudioFuel?
AudioFuel is music based training with coaching for running, walking, swimming and indoor bike training.

We design the sessions, compose the music, record the coaching then mix and master each album to give you a perfect blend of music and coaching.